Writing should be hard work

by Jim Sliney Jr


If you are not writing often and a lot then how can you expect to perfect your craft? The violinist plays the violin, often and a lot, and every note is a quest for perfection. How less writing?

When I was small (that is, younger, I was never “small”, if small is relative) I wrote a lot but not often. Maybe once a week I would get into my play space and construct some story about something. Once done (ah, back when finishing a story was a sure thing) I moved on to something else until boredom excluded other forms of play and I sat down to write again. No wonder I couldn’t publish.

Writing is hard work. Each word is a quest for perfection, some elevation from a collection of letters forming a noun or verb. If it comes easy, maybe you are among the rare mutants who spill art incidentally from your pores. But if you are any other kind of writer, you’ve got to write, you’ve got to hate your writing a little bit less than you love it, and you have to do it often, and a lot.

Get to it.


image: unsplash.com




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