Writing Through Thoreau

  I love Thoreau, but reading him is, in itself, a labor. I wrote a response to Thoreau's essay on "Economy" from "Walden", then discarded it. Another and another. Finally I let go of form and any desire to try to sound insightful, and I wrote this. It's about my writers block if anything. Food … Continue reading Writing Through Thoreau



What a lovely and thoughtful poem, rich with complex emotions. The form is so appealing. I am so glad I stumbled upon An Intoxicated Storyteller

An Intoxicated Storyteller

It is not something that you’d ever dreamt of attaining,

when your life was an oil-pastel painting, with a few crayons

and sky-scraping dreams carelessly scattered, strangely watched over by

the chaotic combination of R. L. Stein and Enid Blyton. No, even

when the rush of hormones caused a vivid, painful alteration to the harlequin scenery and

to those scattered jigsaw pieces, you did not want to grow up.

It did not slap you in the face- the stinging pain lasted longer than that. Instead,

it devoured your being, your soul, and parts of you that had no identity- its presence

an epidemic creeping into your flesh, celebrating the grand descent

in every scandalous step. No, adulthood did not arrive with the blood between your thighs

or the prickly hair along your jaw. You knew it was here- when you saw a monster on the other side

of the mocking…

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Are memes the new political cartoons?

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the first political cartoon in America (U.Virginia) Since then, political cartoons (poli-toons) became a loud voice in American society.  And even though the political cartoon is still popular, the meme has caught up with it in social importance.  Political memes don't require the artistic talent of political cartoons, nor do … Continue reading Are memes the new political cartoons?