Experimenting: “Dien Cai Dau” – by Yusef Komunyakaa

The lingo of the warriors of Vietnam bring back memories for me. They were the words and phrases of my father, a Marine and Vietnam vet. But of all the poems that caught in my mind from Yusef Komunyakaa‘s “Dien Cai Dau” it was “Tu Do Street” that stood out. Here is how I experimented with it.


What is this man’s name?

The one who I swear I’ve seen somewhere before?

Is he one of them, one of those?

All blood looks brown in the moonlight.


Now every step I take could kill me.

I know who my enemy is, but what of the rest?

We’ve all shown up for the same movie

But nobody recognizes the cast.


Out here in this foreign wilderness

The light plays tricks on my eyes

Others once painted in technicolor,

No longer have color when they die.



image from Google Images – Right to Reuse


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