Leaving home, part 2

Several tense boring hours went by. The landscape changed from rich and green, to green, from green to unhealthy, from unhealthy to beige. The sky went from a warm dark to a cold sun.

Frank kept the AC blowing hard. The air was recycled and became stale like old rubbery tortilla chips. Sharon teetered a request on her tongue twenty times or more. Frank, can we open a window. But it never escaped her. 


Sharon looked at Brit, who could see tears tumbling out of Sharon’s wide eyes. The time had come she thought, and instantly faught back the urge to vomit. 

Together they looked at Maddie. They didn’t know Maddie as well. She was a new girl. They nudged her gently. Maddie looked up but she was dead inside. A look they had all seen more than anyone ever should. 

Sharon nodded. Brit nodded. Maddie licked her lips. 

“Hey Frank?” Maddie whined. 

He looked up at her through the rear view mirror. His eyes were surprisingly curious, neutral – compassionate?

Sharon sprang into the back of the drivers seat with all her weight!

The Suburban banked hard to the left and into the passing lane. There was nothing there to hit. 

Sharon slammed into the seat again. It rocked forward. As it rocked back Maddie jumped across the middle and struck his head with her head. 



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