Oh no! Writer’s Block!

If you write a little or a lot at some point you’re going to sit down to write and nothing is going to happen. That’s called Writer’s Block, and it’s kind of like having a constipated brain. 


In my experience, the most common cause of writer’s block is writing too hard. You write too hard when you sit down and expect a Shakespearean play to just jump out of your brain and onto the page. 


Just do some exploratory writing – low stakes writing that doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, or represent complete thoughts. It’s a  great way to purge your blockage. Just let it out. You can clean it up some other time. You can call this “low stakes” writing or your “exploratory draft”. No rules, just write. 


Sometimes I’m just super distracted by something else. One time it was because I had exams coming up, another time I was about to leave for a trip, but occasional I just get a song stuck in my head. 


Sometimes it’s best to just give your brain what it wants. If I play “My Sherona” by The Knack 2 or 3 times it no longer gnaws at my brain. If your distraction is a bit more serious, well, try writing about that thing distracting you. Clear that blockage and move on. 

There really aren’t a lot of reasons for writer’s block, but there can be lots of solutions. 

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR TIPS FOR NAVIGATING WRITERS BLOCK! I may even write them up (crediting you of course). Just write a comment. 


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