My friend from the basement – a children’s story

I went to the basement to feed the mice and talk to the spiders. I liked the musty dirty smell down there. 

Grandma yells sometimes, “go play outside!” but I don’t. I know she’ll never come check. She’s busy. 

Mom and Dad both work every day. When they get home they are tired. Jeremy goes to school far away. But the mice and spiders are always here and they’re never too busy to play. 

Last night after Mom and Dad went to bed I heard a noise downstairs. I snuck to the kitchen, then to the basement door. I went down to the basement. It was really dark but I took the flashlight. 

Behind the boiler I found a tiny mouse and he was sick. I asked him “are you okay?”, but he didn’t answer because mice can’t talk. 

Jeremy says I shouldn’t touch the mice but the mouse was sick. Jeremy would understand. I put out my hand and the mouse smelled it. He probably smelled my Reese’s Pieces because he walked right into my hand. 

Now I keep him in my bottom drawer. I made a comfy bed there and gave him some of my polished rocks, plus, I sneak him bits of my food. 

a tiny mouse

Once he is not sick we will go to the old train place and find his family. “Everyone has a family” I tell him, “and when they see you they will be sooo happy”. But for now it is time for sleep so I go under my bed, say goodnight to the mouse and the daddy long legs and go to sleep. 



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