Cats, Money and Love

Our cat is sick and we are facing significant vet costs. She’s been sick for a while so this wasn’t a surprise; she has seen the vet a few times before and any vet visit runs us at least a few hundred bucks. 

Yesterday her health took a nasty turn. It was late at night so we ended up in the Veterinary Hospital, as opposed to our vet’s office.
Upon first assessment the vet gave us a cost estimate. She went quickly past the “this is what we will do” phase to, “this is your cost estimate”. She provided an itemized list, much like…no, exactly like, I would get at the car mechanic and nothing like the never-discussed cost of human hospital encounters. As such I found myself making a weighty financial decision about my pet’s care. 

This happens. We find ourselves in situations where love and compassion override sensible financial habits, or the reverse. When we found ourselves at the vet facing an $1900 bill that, if we were lucky, would leave our pet as chronically ill as she was before this “episode” that left her especially unwell, it fell to us to make some hard decisions. 

I usually argue the money side. “If we let them do every test in the book it will cost an arm and a leg”. My wife, bless her, makes decisions based on love. “If they don’t do all the tests they may miss something”. A shitty choice but ultimately not a difficult one. 

I don’t like choosing between money and love and responsibility. I’m sure no one does. But the love we get from our cat is something no vacation or Broadway show could ever give us. 

Suffice it to say that, my wife and I just gave up our vacation this year so we could get back our cat in the best health possible. We’ll just enjoy petting on the couch more. 

Money is just money. Love is forever. 



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