Autonomy – Freedom or Punishment

The Daily Post – AUTONOMY

I usually trust myself to tackle challenges alone. I haven’t always been rewarded for my trust though, but if I fail, it’s on my terms. I’m okay with that. I want that kind of freedom to learn and make mistakes because the expectations and consequences on the line are my own. 

Plenty of times I could have benefitted from the help or advice from the powers that be. I’ve also had to make do on my own without mentoring or expertise when I wanted it or expected it and could have benefitted from it.  The responsibility in such autonomous moments fell disproportionately on me when they should/could have been shared. 

In the first case I SAUGHT autonomy. 

In the second I was  STUCK WITH it. 

That’s okay though, because the end result of either is that cherished American ideal of “Independence”. 

It’s July 4th. We come together as a nation to celebrate our nation’s independence. That’s the autonomy we saught from our overlord long ago. 

But I think tomorrow, July 5th, I’m going to take a moment to reflect on my personal Independence Day:

–   When I left the nest

–   When I took a personal risk

–   When I took my lumps

–   When I stood alone against a sea of troubles

Because every day, whether it’s waking up, or closing my eyes at night, whether it’s holding my wife or sitting down to write, I have wondered further from my tether, and learned to stand strong with my own opinions. 

I don’t do it alone, and that’s a choice, but every time I step further away from support and comfort and take a risk, or every time I’m pushed or left to fend for my own – those moments make me. 

Happy Independence Day. 



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