Digital Image Edits

On my Instagram page you’ll find that I really like to apply edits to existing images.

I do this because often I can see, or feel, something beneath the surface. Let me share some examples.

This self portrait is an example of me enhancing a mood I experienced in a selfie I took. The original image is, as you might guess, fairly hum-drum, so I took it and turned it up to ELEVEN (Spinal Tap reference) to make it really sing.

This was a picture I took on a walk through a state park with Harriet. I thought the image was cool but I knew that it didn’t quite capture whatever it was that drew me to take the photo in the first place. Once I got home and reflected on the day’s activities, this edit grew organically out of the image.

This last edit is a great example of me just wanting to see something nature couldn’t show me. I attached octopus tentacles to the lower half of this Ms Arwen Datnoid, a Canadian model, and recreated an Ursula-type character that I just kinda thought was cool.

 So those are a few examples of the creativity I get to release into digital image editing. Oh, and I do it all (100%) on my phone.




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