Finding the Words – classic western literature, its impact, and the right words to talk about it

Looking at the works we've discussed so far, there was a metamorphosis from Iliad to the more fantastic Odyssey then again to the tragic plays. This evolution of the relationship between tale-teller and tale-recipient become more complex through the use of fancy and more emotionally engaging through the use of tragedy, digging the well of literature deeper and deeper.


"Pleasure" in the writings of Plato and Aristotle

It is in that state of contemplation that I find pleasure, so Plato was right! It is not the only vehicle of pleasure obviously, but it is one that is sustainable and immutable. In contemplation I begin to expand my circles of thought and intellectual discovery; each revelation being a moment of existential excitement, which is pleasing in a transformative sense (because I can also think of examples that are also existentially destructive).

Rene Descartes – The Seeker

If we are to begin to apply Descartes methods for determining reality we must, as he did, begin with certain steps, namely, we must call into doubt all things in the world. This is not the same as saying nothing is real, it is simply applying a layer of doubt to everything. In doing so I may quickly conclude, like Descartes did, that my ideas are indeed real. Not real in the sense that they can be touched or "sensed" but real in that they are not-nothing.