My Beard

A brief introduction to the beard.

First, some myth busting:
a) my beard does not contain anything that could be considered food
b) yes, I use a conditioner on my beard
c) no,
I do not dye my hair brown
neither dye I me-beard grey
my friend the Lord being infinitely good
just went ahead and made it that way
d) yes, my beard DOES make me smarter
e) nope, not a hipster
f) there’s this ugly rumor that beard are unclean – I shampoo and condition it, comb it out twice a day, and wash it when I wash the rest of my face, which is twice in addition to my daily shower. Clean baby, clean!
g) lastly, you are just as likely to spill soup on your shirt as I am to get soup in my mustache, but in my case, I can lick it off and none would be the wiser.
trying to look brave when I go in for a haircut
 the beard can be bushy and unkempt 

got this done at Disney
The Republic insisted on close-cropped beards for their x-wing pilots

me looking all smart and stuff
Occasionally the beard insists I sit and think deeps thoughts


grinning bafoon, but what can I say, I’m a happy guy
And from time to time it’s just part of my goofy face
me driving and looking at stuff
But whatever else you say about it, beards are just cool
So don’t hate my beard. Come to think of it, just don’t hate anything, it gives you ulcers. I will now open the room to questions. 🙂

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