The Community Effect

The Community Effect

What is the Community Effect?
The Community Effect is a perspective on the human condition.
I thought about how to provide support to people who were in need that I had met personally.  This sprouted into an ongoing attempt to better understand the influence a person could have on other persons, and how, in a sort of pay-it-forward attitude, the fortification of an individual could radiate an aura of fortification to those their lives touched in some way.
It theory of the Community Effect aims to tap into the energy generated by the people in our lives upon our lives and vice versa.
It could be of scientific interest to the investigator of human interactions.
It could be of spiritual interest to the seeker of connectivity among the finite and the infinite.
Where do we begin?


At the heart of the Effect, is the individual – the self.┬áThe Effect considers the self, not merely as an independent being, but rather as the center of a web of impacts and relationships.
It comes from the idea of community of course; “a unified body of individuals” (Merriam-Webster) with considerations for a physical proximity to one another – communities are usually thought to have measurable boundaries in space.

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