The Community Effect: a thought experiment

The Community Effect

A thought experiment


original artwork by jjsjr


It isn’t about names and addresses, it’s about the role they play in your existence.  If you wish to leave out acquaintances you may.  A cursory list may look like this:
  • spouse,
  • mother & father,
  • brothers & sisters,
  • boss, office-mates,
  • friends,
  • best friend,
  • fellow Marine,
  • fellow student,
  • lab partner,
  • the people in my raiding party,
  • my bus driver,
  • my neighbors,
  • my doctor & my doctor’s nurse and office staff,
  • the ice cream truck guy,
and so on.
Like, dislike, respect, honor, consciously avoid…they should all be there.
It should take a while to make your list because this sort of thing takes a lot of thought. You be as picky as you like, it’s your list.

Now if you’re really serious, get some index cards (or similar) and write each down onto its own card. Lastly, make a card just for yourself.

The idea here is to realize just how many people interact or play a role in your life.  The card can be used to jot notes about the nature of the relationship.
Envision your ever expanding circles and realize, you are not alone. You are part of a rich and diverse community of beings. The Community Effect makes us feel less alone. So please, practice it, pass it on, and be a good neighbor.

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