The Community Effect: a "ripple" effect?

The Community Effect

Why not call it the Ripple Effect then?

A drop of rain falls into a pool of water

The impact causes an involuntary kinetic reaction in the water around it
This chain reaction continues until it runs out of being to express the effect in – in the case of a pool of water that would be the edge of the pool.
But the Community Effect (hence called “The Effect”)  is not about ripples alone.  That would be too limiting.  The Community Effect strives to look at those who exist within the spheres of influence of each individual and how they become a part of something greater than the self.  To borrow from Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, The Effect can be thought of as “the fundamental inter-connectedness of all things”.
My Community is made up of
  • my wife,
  • my friends,
  • my family,
  • my doctor and related healthcare providers,
  • my spiritual adviser,
  • my coworkers and workplace,
  • my neighbors,
  • my classmates
  • and in general, those who know me and whom I know.
the Steve Miller venn diagram


A way to think about it is through process of elimination: what if everything in the universe disappeared except for the people I know?  Who would be left?
If we use that model then a good question might be:
How different would my list be if my wife conducted that same thought experiment?  I would still be in that community, but other people that I know (but she does not know them) would disappear. This is very much like a venn diagram of who the common persons are within your circle and the circles of the people in your circles.

image from Google Creative Commons


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